Since 1986, our quest has been to find oil and gas.  Using conventional and unconventional tools, we drilled three deep non- commercial wells in Stephens and Eastland Counties, Texas between 1986 and 1989. One of these tools was a radar technology that displayed fluorescence of an atmospheric event that covered the entire area of our leases, and was supposed to indicate production.  This fluorescence was consistent over all three of the “dry holes”.  Since this tool was the only one we used that was consistent over all the wells, we decided to further investigate it. We tested this technology using various pulse lengths, algorithms, and generations of equipment over new field discoveries, gas storage facilities, hundreds of dry holes, waterfloods, spills, landfills, and feed lots.  After recording raw data on thousands of acres under various conditions and processing it, with albeit rudimentary procedures, we began to see patterns in the data illustrated on the resulting maps.  Once we had progressed to this point, we discovered that these patterns were different in known productive areas than in known non-productive areas; therefore we decided this technology was worth pursuing. By October of 1989, we had taken this technology from what was proven to produce inaccurate data to a technology that we proved to be accurate in identifying productive and non-productive areas.  Also, by this time, we believed we had enough information and expertise to offer this technology to the industry as a way to locate drilling prospects with better than average potential for production. Since October, 1989, while enduring the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry, we have continued to improve our service by upgrading equipment, software, and procedures; and have applied this technology with much success for clients all over the lower 48 states as well as parts of Canada. Today, we have what we believe is the very best tool for oil and gas exploration. About Reeves Technology Corporation 498 Curtis Road  -  Burleson, TX 76028 817-447-8056 click thumbnail to enlarge Sam’s Philosophy: “You can GUESS at it,  or RAD Map It!”