DHA Dense Hydrocarbon Anomaly - A high concentration of active hydrocarbon molecules in the atmosphere above hydrocarbon accumulation. Hydrocarbon Microseepage The dynamic and mostly vertical outgassing (seepage) of microscopic molecules from subsurface hydrocarbon accumulations into the air above hydrocarbon reservoirs. RAD Reeves Aquired Data - The processed anomaly of dense active areas of the fluorescence that indicates hydrocarbon accumulations at some depth. R.E.A.P. Reeves Exploration Advanced Processor - Analyzes the raw data and quantifies the values of any fluoresced anomalies, to determine the presence of hydrocarbons at some depth. Xenor RC-7 "spectrometer" A truck mounted field unit that transmits ultra high frequency radio waves on specific pulse lengths and records the reflected fluorescence in the air of the hydrocarbon molecules. Definitions Reeves Technology Corporation 498 Curtis Road  -  Burleson, TX 76028 817-447-8056 samreeves@reevestech.com